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January 20, 2019

Node modules with Delphi and Free Pascal

chakracore-delphi now comes with NodeSample, a new sample console application showing (as of now very limited) support for Node modules. Included are: commonmark graphql json-query lodash moment The sample only shows how Node modules can be resolved and used in Delphi and Free Pascal applications. It doesn't implement Node's event loop or any of its internal modules or native bindings like path,
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January 20, 2019

When IDE Insight suddenly stops working…

… reset the IDE Insight toolbar! Today, out of a sudden, IDE Insight stopped working in one of my Delphi 10.2.3 Tokyo instances. Other instances (those with different registry keys) were not affected. After ruling out any third-party tools and Known Packages not common to the other instances, the reason would most likely be found … Continue reading "When IDE Insight suddenly stops working…"
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January 20, 2019

[Из песочницы] Мой компилятор Паскаля и польское современное искусство

Истоки Несколько лет назад я написал компилятор Паскаля. Мотивация была простой: в юности я узнал из своих первых книжек по программированию, что компилятор — вещь чрезвычайно сложная. Это утверждение засело занозой в мозгу и в конце концов потребовало проверки на опыте. Сперва родился простейший компилятор PL/0, а из него постепенно вырос почти полнофункциональный компилятор Паскаля для MS-DOS. Вдохновением мне служила книга Compiler Construction, написанная создателем языка ...
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January 20, 2019

Quartex Web OS: A cloud OS in takes form

Where to begin! Like mentioned in my previous post Amibian.js is a cluster system. As such the project now has it's first real hardware sorted! I have gone for a 5 x ODroid XU4 model, neatly tucked inside a PICO 5H case. I have picked up Quartex Pascal again, which originally started in 2014. I have also started writing a new RTL for DWScript which is an alternative to Smart Mobile Studio.
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