One of the great things about Delphi is the enthusiastic community of users. Awesome as that is, it can sometimes be hard to keep up with all the content the community generates across the web.
Many years ago a site popped up called DelphiFeeds, which consolidated links to as many of these sites as possible into one, regularly updated site. It quickly became one of the most popular sites in the Delphi community.
Over time, however, it fell behind. New sites popped up which were not tracked by DelphiFeeds and while still useful, it started to drop the ball on its aim to track all the new Delphi content. Seeing this, we volunteered to take it over, and with a little rebranding that was a nod back to our favourite source of Delphi content back in the day, DelphiMagazine.com was born.
We’ve tried hard to be respectful of the author’s rights. All links go back to the original article, and we’ve purposely disabled comments on this site so that any discussions take place back at the source. We’re not making any claim on their hard work, just trying to curate it and make more people aware of it.
Despite this, if you are one of the authors of a site we are syndicating and you’d prefer us not to, no issues. Just let us know and we’ll remove it, no problems, no hard feelings.
However, if you know of additional content that we’re not currently including, please let us know on the Suggest a New Contributor page.