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May 11, 2020

Beyond Compare – クールアプリセレクション

今日のクールアプリセレクションは、Scooter SoftwareのBeyond Compareです。Beyond Compareは、ユーザーが文書、ファイル、フォルダー、さらにはシステムドライブ全体などを、すばやく簡単に比較、一致させることのできるデータ管理ユーティリティです。この便利なツールは、Delphiによって構築されています。(read more)
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May 11, 2020

OmniPascal 0.18.0 – Support for with-statements

OmniPascal  is now able to resolve symbols in with statements.There are a few bugfixes too: – DocumentSymbolProvider is faster in units with overloaded methods – DocumentSymbolProvider works better in units with attributed types – Parser doesn’t fail on external constants
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May 11, 2020

MCAmiga 0.2

MCAmiga work continues, move now completely works (also with the fast move when source and destination are on the same harddisk). I build in a little text viewer also with hex display which I use very often, and for editor you can define yourself which editor you want to use, ed, editpad or what else […]
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